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Doing drycleaning in Northeast Ohio since 1946

For many years, Jay Dee Cleaners has been an accredited member of the NCA – National Cleaners Association. Past member of Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (formerly the International Fabricare Institute, once NID), and its local partner, the Ohio Cleaners Association. It’s a commitment that we’re very proud of, and an affiliation that should be important to you, our customers, as well.

Geza and David Sabo are both graduates of NID and IFI dry cleaning school. Geza 1950, David 1975. Geza and David Sabo were also past board members and President of the Ohio Cleaners Association. 

What does it mean to you that we’re a part of this prestigious trade association? It means that Jay Dee Cleaners is a cleaner that you can trust, having secured a reputation for quality service that has been affirmed by a national institution. For any cleaner to earn their place in the NCA, we must pass certification tests that demonstrate the quality of our work. So when you see that we’re an affiliated NCA member, it’s a confirmation from a trusted outside source that you can trust the quality of Jay Dee Cleaners cleaning.
Our affiliation with NCA is more than just a way for us to prove our quality, though. It’s also a way to ensure that that quality keeps getting better and better. Jay Dee Cleaners cleaning production staff has attended training workshops and educational programs, and as a result, has accumulated knowledge on how to clean garments better.
Because of this affiliation, we can always stay on top of the latest issues and technical advancements in the dry cleaning industry. We receive information throughout the year on known issues with certain garments, developments on how to best treat those garments, and breakthroughs on how to clean your clothes in more and more environmentally efficient methods. It’s a way for great dry cleaners around the country to pass on information to each other.
And we’re very proud to be able to pass those benefits on to you.

Training and Experience