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We do reuse those hangers when you bring them back, as well. Simple wire hangers for laundered shirts are reused, so long as they're not bent too badly out of shape. The paper-covered and cardboard-based hangers used for dry cleaned garments can only be reused if they're still in mint condition - so treat them well. Of course, even if a hanger can't be reused, we're still committed to recycling. We work with partners in bulk metal recycling to ensure that materials aren't just being dumped in the trash.
We find that we recycle 1,000's of hangers every month - just at one store. So when you bring back your hangers to us, you're doing more than just getting them out of your hair. You're also keeping many miles of metal,
paper, and cardboard out of landfills.

Cleaning Solvent
One of the advantages of the primary dry cleaning solvent we use is that it can be filtered, recycled, and used over and over. It's a major principle in our green cleaning efforts. We are always striving to have our cleaning done in a "closed system," in which as many materials as possible from the cleaning process can be reused and recycled, and the least amount of energy is consumed. Being able to filter and recycle our cleaning solvent repeatedly is a boon to the environment - and keeps costs low, too, a savings we pass on to you. Dry cleaners are one of the original recyclers.