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Leather Cleaning Jay Dee Cleaners 

Next time you hit the road on your bike, remember—it's all about appearance and being cool!
Keep your leathers looking as good as new at Jay Dee Cleaners. 

Jay Dee Cleaners in Euclid OH 44123, and Highland Hts OH 44143 are leather cleaning expert technicians and are ready to restore your favorite leather and suede garments. Jay Dee has cleaned and renewed tens of thousands of leather and suede apparel and accessories. From suede jackets, leather coats, footwear to designer handbags - we do it all!

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff determines the safest, most effective methods for cleaning high-end garments and accessories.  Inspections are made at each step to avoid potential problems and achieve the best possible leather dry cleaning results.

There's nothing like the unique feel and character of leather!  From the buttery-soft feel of lambskin to the durability of cowhide or the warmth of a shearling, you can restore the beauty and extend the life of your leather garments and accessories with regular care and proper leather dry cleaning.

Leather dry cleaning not only removes the obvious soil and stains, but it also restores color and oils that are lost through normal wear, exposure to UV light and age.

A detailed process is required to properly handle the cleaning of leather.  Experienced technicians in each department use their expertise to identify the correct leather dry cleaning procedures to clean and finish different skin and garment types.

Pre-cleaning inspection:  Each leather dry cleaning item is thoroughly inspected to describe the garment and cross-reference the customer name, document existing conditions such as wear, damage, stains, the number of buttons, and pieces.

Sorting, Pre-Spotting & Cleaning:  Garments are categorized by skin type, color, and soil level to determine the safest and most effective method of cleaning.  After identifying and treating stains, the garment is cleaned in one of three unique cleaning systems injected with soaps and oils designed specifically for leathers.

Finishing & Color Restoration:  The garments are pressed on leather-specific finishing units to remove wrinkles, enhance luster, and raise the nap.  Color and oils lost through wear or cleaning are restored.

Final Inspection:  Your garment has to make it past our picky final inspector to make sure soil and stains have been thoroughly addressed!   So for leather cleaning come to Jay Dee Cleaners Euclid OH 44123 or Jay Dee Cleaners in Highland Hts 44143.