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Dry Cleaner Questionnaire

Here are the seven questions you should be asking a dry cleaner before you do business with him:

#1: Is Their Facility Clean? If your dry cleaner doesn't have a clean facility, you can count on their chemicals being overused, dirty and smelly. Therefore your clothes will be dirty and smelly even when they’ve cleaned them.

#2: How Often Should I Dry Clean My Suits? There is a myth that your suit pants and coat should be dry cleaned at the same time. This is so untrue. You should dry clean your pants and not your coat all the time. Your suit coat should be taken off in the car and the office. It should be professionally pressed after wearing or cleaned after 3 or 4 wearing. Some suit coats are poorly constructed in subsequent cleanings there may be a ripple effect on the chest area. This is from poor construction of the interface by the manufacturer, not the dry cleaning process.

#3: What Is Their Policy On Broken Buttons? Everybody replaces buttons for nothing. That's no big deal. But what if you're out of town and you have a broken button? I'm sure you're cursing your dry cleaner when this happens and you should. They should suffer. They should clean your shirt two or three times for free and/or give you a $5 credit on your bill. If they do that, they will be careful not to let as many broken buttons out of their door.

#4: Do They Do Any FREE Repairs? If one of your hems is down, your dry cleaner should repair it for nothing when you bring it in to be dry cleaned. The dry cleaner that charges you for everything should be avoided.

#5: When A Garment Is Damaged, What Is Their Replacement Value Policy? Most dry cleaners offer what they think your garment is worth and they take their sweet time getting back to you with the number. And then they put you in the uncomfortable position to bug them until you get your money. They are hoping that you forgot and go away. That is wrong! You should decide what it's worth and it should be taken care of immediately. Am I sure it was your favorite? Your dry cleaner should also offer you cash or credit; whatever you prefer.

#6: Do They Offer Goodwill Pick-Up & Hanger Recycling? It's a pain to schlep your Goodwill clothing and stuff to the recycling center. Your dry cleaner should pick-up your goodwill clothing and deliver it to them as well as provide you with a receipt. They should also accept your old hangers for recycling.

#7: Does Your Dry Cleaner Have A FREE Pick-up & Delivery Service? You're busy. You shouldn't have to go back and forth to the cleaner. That's so 90's. Most people put their dirty clothes in their car, and they sit there for a few days till you remember to drop them off. And hopefully, your dry cleaner is open when you drive by. You can eliminate all of that by getting them to pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning. And they shouldn't charge you more for that service. If they do, go to another dry cleaner.$10 FREE Dry Cleaning Just To Try Me Out

If you'd like to try out my dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service, I'll give you $10 in free dry cleaning with no strings attached. Try me out for a month or so and if you like me, continue. If not, throw me to the curb. For all of your dry cleaning needs in Euclid, OH call Jay DeeCleaners today!

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