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Shirt Laundry in Euclid

I love how I can do a weeks’ worth of laundry and dry-cleaning in just two minutes and one finger. It takes me a minute to put my shirts and dry-cleaning into a bag my cleaner gave me and place it out on the front step. Then with one finger I call for a pick-up
 A couple days later my order has been delivered back to my house and is waiting on the wreath hook on my front it takes one minute and one finger to carry my dry cleaning into my house. It's all billed to my credit card. I don't need to talk to anyone....I don't even need to be home. And I don't have to touch an iron or a washing machine.

We would like to pick up and deliver your cleaning for free! Our trucks are most likely already in your neighborhood, so let us do the work. Delivery is available two times a week in most neighborhoods, and the prices are the same as coming into our store.
If you make a trip to the cleaners about once a week, you are perfect for our weekly service with two stops a week. Customers that have ordered only once or twice a month are set up as a "Will Call" basis. Give us a call to let us know you'll have the order to pick up on next scheduled day.
We take away the headache of another stop on the way to or home from work. Your orders are even automatically billed to a credit card, so there is nothing to worry.

Simply sign up or call 216-731-7060, and we'll stop at your home or office on the next trip through your neighborhood!